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Ant farm

Ant farmAn ant farm gives the opportunity to study ant behaviour. You will notice that ants are intelligent, organized and strong creatures. Ants have the ability to work as a team and they can carry around items that are twenty times their own body weight.

You can build your own ant farm, but nowadays there are some good and payable ant farms on the market that are very easy to maintain. The newest ant farms have a blue nutrient containing gel inside them, which means that you don't have to give food or water to the ants in the ant farm! The nutrient gel contains everything the ant colony needs.

This special blue gel was developed by NASA for a Space Shuttle experiment to study ant life in space. A normal ant farm with sand would be too difficult to maintain in space, so NASA developed this special blue gel, where ants can live in, and that contains all the food and water the ant colony needs for successful living in an antfarm environment.

These new modern ant farms make it possible to study ants and their behaviour, and unlike the "old" antfarms, with minimal maintenance. Go here to see a new ant farm cam.